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Selecting the best company to maintain your HVAC system can be an overwhelming decision, given the number of options available to consumers today. However, choosing the right service provider is important for your home heating and cooling; efficient HVAC systems require routine bi-annual maintenance, and you want to be sure that the company you choose will provide high-quality service. Here are a few things to look for to know you’re hiring the best company to meet your demands.

● Technician training: How do the HVAC companies you’re considering train their technicians? Are they factory-trained and authorized? Are they well supervised and drug-free? Are they certified by NATE (North American Technician Excellence)? If not, you can’t be sure they have the necessary experience to fix your HVAC system reliably.

● Company licensing: Before hiring an HVAC contractor, you’ll want to check that they’re properly licensed and insured. Proper licensing and bonding are essential to making sure you’re receiving quality service that holds up to industry standards. Otherwise, it’s difficult to know for sure if the repairs you’re receiving are going to hold up over time.

● Availability in emergencies: Your HVAC services are only as good as their availability. If you need a furnace or a/c repair quickly, but your preferred company is unavailable, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Make sure the company you select is available to help you in an emergency, 24/7/365, so you don’t end up without heating services when you need them most.

● Long-standing reputation: An HVAC business might look reliable and reputable on the surface, but if it’s a new company with a few inexperienced employees, it’s probably low on service expertise. Look for an HVAC contractor with a history of experience that guarantees their work. This will help ensure you choose a heating and cooling contractor to count on for years to come.

Want an HVAC company you can rely on? Morrison, Inc. has been providing dependable, high-quality HVAC services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers for nearly 60 years. Their staff’s collective experience in the industry is a remarkable 388 years. Whether it’s a complex system replacement, a simple upgrade, or just routine furnace maintenance or repair, Morrison, Inc. is the Mid-Ohio Valley’s trusted, experienced team you’re looking for. Contact them today for information on their HVAC services.

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