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Call Morrison, Inc. for Thorough Duct Cleaning in Ohio and West Virginia

For quality duct cleaning in Ohio and West Virginia, Morrison, Inc is always ready. We serve residential and commercial properties with air ducts to clean and sanitize them effectively. Clean ducts are one of the most important factors that help improve indoor air quality. To schedule thorough duct cleaning services, call us today.

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Why Choose Our Professional Duct Cleaning Service?

Just like any space in your home or office, your ducts need regular cleaning. So choose Morrison, Inc. for professional results. Duct cleaning ensures the highest quality air circulation in your HVAC system. Clean ducts contribute to the following:

Dust Control - Clean ducts mean a cleaner home, with less dust blown out into your home. It helps eliminate trapped dust in the duct system so it does not recirculate.

Creating a Healthier Living Environment - Achieve healthier indoor air quality (IAQ) by removing dust and pollutants from your air ducts. Duct cleaning reduces the indoor air irritants and allergens you and your family breathe every day. In commercial locations, it improves the air your employees and visitors breathe. It removes and reduces pollen, bacteria, pet dander, and irritating or harmful mold spores.

Reducing Stale and Musty Odors - Odors can contribute to making homes and businesses “feel” dirty. Duct cleaning helps to remove some of the most prevalent odors in HVAC systems.

Increasing the Efficiency of Your HVAC System - Duct cleaning improves the air flow from the furnace and air conditioner. It purges air ducts of the particles clogging them and impeding the air flow.

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Benefits of Duct Cleaning with Rotobrush by Morrison, Inc.

Trained, professional air duct cleaners of Morrison, Inc. use the BrushBeast from the Rotobrush company. It has four powerful vacuum motors for effective removal of air duct contaminants. In addition to our equipment:

  • With every residential duct cleaning service, we also clean the laundry dryer vents, where a significant number of house fires begin.
  • We sanitize cleaned ducts with a biocide designed to kill microbiological contaminants and reduce future growth of mold and bacteria, mites, etc.

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