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Morrison, Inc. Heating Repair: Trusted for Over 60 Years

Here in the heart of Marietta, OH, you’ll find Morrison, Inc., a respected name in the heating repair industry and a trusted symbol for residents. With over 60 years of experience, we embody excellence, especially when it comes to heating repairs and related services. Our standing is not just a reputation—it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service.

Locally Owned & Operated Heating Repair Company

As a locally owned and operated heating repair company, we stay true to our roots. Deeply embedded in the Marietta community, we understand the local needs and seasonal intricacies of our area. This inherent understanding allows us to respond promptly to your concerns and tailor solutions that provide the specific comfort and convenience that different households require.

Our community-centered ethos is reflected in our unmatched expertise in heating repair services. We cultivate strong relationships with our customers, focusing on satisfaction and trust, which has led to numerous successful partnerships that endure over time.

Offering 24/7 Emergency Heating Service

We understand the unpredictability of heating issues and the discomfort they can cause. That’s why we offer 24/7 Emergency Service, prioritizing your comfort and safety above all else. Our highly skilled, certified, and experienced team is always ready to diagnose and solve a broad spectrum of heating problems. Constantly training and staying updated with the latest technological advancements, we are adept at handling modern heating systems as well as repairing more traditional designs.

An Unwavering Commitment to Marietta, OH

Our commitment to Marietta, OH, goes beyond business operations. We have a deep connection with the community, actively participating in various neighborhood programs and initiatives to contribute to the town’s well-being and growth while further enhancing our understanding of the community’s heating needs.

Customer feedback is a testament to our commitment to exceptional service and reliability. Numerous commendations from loyal clients emphasize the professional, experienced, and diligent service they receive whenever their heating systems need care.

Choose Morrison, Inc. For Your Heating Repair Needs

When you need heating repairs, choose Morrison, Inc.. With over 60 years of sustained service excellence, we have a detailed understanding of your heating system’s needs. It’s not just about heating repair—it’s about trusting in a service that values your comfort just as much as you do. Rest easy knowing that your heating issues are handled by a company that’s been trusted by Marietta, Reno, and Belpre, OH & Williamstown, Vienna, and Boaz, WV residents for over six decades.

We are always ready to help, but to avoid unnecessary costs to you, check these common problems first:

  • Is the thermostat turned to the “heat” setting?
  • Is the temperature set higher than the room temperature?
  • Is there power running to the furnace? (Test by turning the fan to “ON” on your thermostat.)
  • Are the circuit breakers in the electrical panel all in the “ON” position?
  • Is the power switch in the ‘ON’ position?
    • Has the furnace filter been replaced recently?
    • All 1” thick furnace filters should be replaced monthly.
    • Wider filters (2” thick or thicker) and other high-capacity, pleated filters can most likely be changed every other month.
  • Do all return air grilles have at least 4” of clear air space from furniture?
  • Are all supply air registers open and blowing air?
  • Are other gas-fired appliances (stove, fireplace, etc.) working properly ? If not, it may be a gas supply issue.

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Proud to Provide 5-Star Service!
Customer Reviews

I use them on all of our properties (7 total). They are always professional and price competitive. They are always my choice to use for any HVAC issues or installations. Along with very knowledgeable, I find them to be very courteous of my properties also.

James B.

This is an amazing company! They fixed My Mother’s air a few weeks ago and today our air went down!! They came and got us up and running again!! I would highly recommend this company!!!

Sherry P.

I use Morrison Inc. not only at my business but my home as well. They are a great asset to the MOV and beyond.

Cason E.

I work for an hvac company 2½ hrs north so when my mothers blower went out and I couldn’t get down there until Saturday I called Morrison hvac they got Chuck out there shortly afterwards he was kind and very professional got blower replaced at a decent price id definitely call them again next time I’m in a jam thank you for helping me out.

Iron E.

Morrison was excellent about making the extra effort to come out and fix our furnace when we told them we had no heat and a baby, they even came a day before our appointment after we experienced an extra cold night. Very well mannered and professional.

Mike H.

Morrison Inc. fabricated a stainless steel chimney cap per my measurements and made it perfectly as designed. Their work was spot on and I couldn’t be happier. I worked with David Haas on the final details and he proved to me why they have been in business for such a long time!

Randall V.

I’ve dealt with Morrison’s for years and have always found them to be courteous and professional. Anytime they were going to be late for an appointment they called to let me know or to rearrange the time. I highly recommend them.

Jill W.

I would like to thank Morrison for coming out and fixing the heater in the trailer that we rent. Their workers are very nice and their work was done very quickly and neatly. I don’t think you could ask for any better service. I would definitely call them again and recommend them to my friends.

Deb R.

We’ve worked with Morrison a handful of times now for a commercial property. From recharging an older cooling unit to installing a brand new heating/cooling unit. The payment plan for the new unit worked well for me to get it easily paid off.

Rebecca M.

I just put in a brand new HVAC system in my condo. I did a lot of research and decided to go with Morrison. They gave me to best price, warranties, and I will always try to support a business that chooses to shop and support local when it comes to their products. They really do try to do their job right and stand by taking care of their customers. I will always stick with a local company that takes care of customers and are true to their word.

Tiffany B.

I’ve had Morrison out to my home twice now (for a manufacturer’s defect, not their fault). Both times the employees exceeded my expectations. The technicians were pleasant, professional, well-dressed, and respectful, and I had no issue leaving them in my home when I left.

Matt K.

I had the best experience with Morrison, our blower stopped working late in the night and I called first thing in the morning. They had someone at my house within an hour or two and he fixed the problem right away. The technician was the sweetest and kindest person, he didn’t try to sell anything just fixed what needed to be and even took time to clean out the air conditioner outside. Highly recommended!!!

Courtney R.

Morrison Incorporated can not be beat for their service, care and compassion. They have gone above and beyond even with almost non- stop problems in replacing our furnace. Skilled professionals all around. What was to be a 1-2 day project turned into a 5 day marathon. They never lost their humor or ability to brainstorm solutions. I can not say enough about this company or their employees.

Barbara M.

Our furnace died on Tuesday night. A gentleman from Morrison was at our house yesterday and our new furnace installed today. Everyone was so nice and helpful and professional. We are so grateful they were able to help us so quickly! Highly recommend!

Carol D.

We would like to thank Morrison Inc. for their prompt service and beyond outstanding customer service! Our air conditioning went out on a hot holiday weekend, and they were there for us! We would highly recommend Morrison Inc. Thank you Chase, Joe and the rest of the Morrison Incorporated staff!

Christina P.

We had our furnace go out and called Morrison for help, they were polite and quick to get someone to the house to work on it. Chuck was awesome and got everything fixed up and cleaned. Happy with the service and professionalism that Morrison provided!

Josiah P.

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