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Residential Heating and Furnace Repair in the Mid-Ohio Valley

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You Can Depend on Morrison, Inc. as Your Heating Contractor

When you need reliable residential furnace repair in the Mid-Ohio Valley, look no further than Morrison, Inc. in Marietta, OH. Since 1961, we have offered outstanding furnace repair for homes all across our area. We are the oldest and most trusted service company in the region. We understand that furnaces do not just break or malfunction during business hours. That is why we always offer 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week response. We are the Mid-Ohio Valley’s heating contractor of choice. Call us today to find out what we can do for you. We always offer free estimates.

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Always Ready to Provide Fantastic Furnace Repair

No one wants their furnace to conk out in the dead of winter, especially on an extremely cold night. It is uncomfortable, to say the least. Even more than that, it is dangerous. You can count on Morrison, Inc. being always ready to handle your furnace problems. Our expert team can get to your Mid-Ohio Valley home as soon as possible, quickly diagnose the issue, and solve it. We do this with hard work and dedication, all while setting the standard for customer service. Morrison, Inc. commits itself daily to going above and beyond for our customers. When your furnace malfunctions or breaks down, you can count on us.

We are licensed in Ohio and West Virginia.


Troubleshoot Your Furnace Problems

We are always ready to help, but to avoid unnecessary costs to you, check these common problems first:

  • Is the thermostat turned to the “heat” setting?
  • Is the temperature set higher than the room temperature?
  • Is there power running to the furnace? (Test by turning the fan to “ON” on your thermostat.)
  • Are the circuit breakers in the electrical panel all in the “ON” position?
  • Is the power switch in the ‘ON’ position?
  • Has the furnace filter been replaced recently?
    • All 1” thick furnace filters should be replaced monthly.
    • Wider filters (2” thick or thicker) and other high-capacity, pleated filters can most likely be changed every other month.
  • Do all return air grilles have at least 4” of clear air space from furniture?
  • Are all supply air registers open and blowing air?
  • Are other gas-fired appliances (stove, fireplace, etc.) working properly? If not, it may be a gas supply issue.
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Handling Every HVAC Need for the Mid-Ohio Valley

As your heating contractor of choice in the Mid-Ohio Valley, we handle much more than just furnace repair. Our team also offers expert, reliable heat pump repair, heating repair and residential boiler repair. And when your air conditioning malfunctions on a hot, sweaty summer day, we will be there. We are the smart choice for air conditioning repair, too. We dedicate ourselves to keeping you and your family comfortable through the entire year. Morrison, Inc. is the company to call for every HVAC need.

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Morrison, Inc. Proudly Serves Marietta, Ohio, and Beyond

We know how important it is to have a comfortable building in and around Marietta, Ohio. Once the temperature suddenly drops, you need immediate HVAC service. We offer emergency furnace repair service, but remind our customers the best savings comes from preventative measures. Before the cold hits, plan for your furnace tune-up now. We check through every aspect of your unit cleaning, repairing or replacing any worn-out items. We make sure your furnace is working at its optimal performance by:

  • Checking the heat exchanger for cracks and deterioration
  • Making sure the flue pipe shows proper clearances and no leaks
  • Checking the gas line from the gas shut-off to the furnace
  • Removing obstructions from combustion air openings
  • Clearing the condensation drains and flushing on high-efficient furnaces.
  • Cleaning Pumps
  • Testing the ignitor for proper resistance
  • Testing the pilot light
  • Inspecting the thermostat and checking programming
  • Checking heat pumps for proper pressures and temperatures
  • Testing reversing valve and defrost control on a heat pump
  • Checking voltage and amperage on electric heat strips
  • Inspecting Ductwork
  • Changing the filter

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Trust the Experts in Boiler Repair and Maintenance

If a boiler system receives a yearly tune-up, it needs very little maintenance throughout the year. By receiving a tune-up your system will stay running efficiently, saving you money on your heating bill, and prevent system failures. During a boiler service, the technician will remove, inspect, and clean the main components in the boiler. We do that to ensure they are fit for purpose, and have no noticeable defects. This will include the main burner, heat exchanger, flue ways, and ignition pins. Our team is educated in the different heating systems. We can perform tune-ups and needed repairs if it ever stops working. Expect your boiler to last 10 to 15 years.

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We Are Always Ready to Help at Morrison, Inc. in Marietta, Ohio

For prompt, dependable residential heating repairs in the Mid-Ohio Valley, call Morrison, Inc. in Marietta, Ohio. We are your choice for a heating contractor. We can handle any and all heating repair needs at your home including homes with boiler systems. Heating systems do not just malfunction during business hours, so we offer 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week emergency response, too. Whatever the problem, whatever the system, we stand prepared to help you. Call us today to discover the Morrison, Inc. difference. We always offer free estimates on every project.

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What is the Difference: Furnace vs. Boiler

Regardless if you heat your home by furnace or boiler, our experienced technicians can perform needed maintenance and repairs. While many people may think they are the same thing, there is a difference between a boiler and a furnace. A boiler works by heating up water running through radiators giving off heat to warm the room. This system, while more expensive upfront, usually needs just one yearly maintenance check to stay running. A furnace works by heating air and using a blower to move the heat through the room. This system should be inspected twice a year, and have its filters replaced at that time.

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Keeping You Warm and Comfortable For Generations

Coming inside to a warm, cozy house on a cold, wintry day is a wonderful feeling. But when your heating system malfunctions or breaks, it is not just inconvenient and uncomfortable. It can become dangerous for you and your family. When that happens, you need an HVAC company that you can trust. That company is Morrison, Inc. We have served the Mid-Ohio Valley with reliable residential heating repairs since 1961. We have more than 60 years of reliable service. Our experienced and skilled technicians will get to your home as soon as possible, diagnose the problem, and properly fix it. Our work, customer service, and prices will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Why just chill out? Call us today.

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Morrison, Inc. is the Only Name to Remember for HVAC Services

Here at Morrison, Inc., we are proud of our exemplary residential heating repairs. But that is not all that we do. We are the smart choice for every home HVAC need that you could have. You can count on us, day or night, for high-quality furnace repair and heat pump repair. And when your cooling system goes out in the middle of summer, trust our residential air conditioning repairs, too! Morrison, Inc. is the only name you need to remember for all of your HVAC repairs, HVAC installations, and HVAC services.

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