Maintenance for HVAC Systems in Ohio and West Virginia

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Morrison, Inc. Maintains Heating and Air Components All Year Round

When you need maintenance for HVAC systems in Ohio and West Virginia, trust the team at Morrison, Inc. Naturally, there are certain times of the year that you should expect to schedule your system’s maintenance: April through June for your air conditioner and September through November for your furnace. For example, spring months from March through May are the time many will look into checking air conditioning. Fall months from September through November mark the start of the heating season.

The technicians of Morrison, Inc. can meet your HVAC maintenance needs all year round. When an off-season issue arises or you remember it is time to check your heating and air conditioning, call us. Schedule HVAC maintenance in OH or WV from Morrison, Inc. today.

We Install, Service, and Repair Both Residential and Commercial HVAC Systems

In addition to outstanding HVAC maintenance services, Morrison, Inc. can install, service and repair residential and commercial HVAC systems. Our skilled service technicians understand the operations and intricacies of heating and cooling components at work in homes and businesses throughout the region. We can troubleshoot problems to find solutions, and can install a new unit when necessary. No need to put off HVAC repair needs when the pros from Morrison, Inc. can handle your HVAC situations with ease.

Commercial Air conditioning

Save Time and Money With Semi-Annual Tune-ups

We offer emergency commercial air conditioning repair service, but remind our customers the best savings comes from preventative measures. Before the summer heat hits, plan for your air conditioning tune-up now. We check through every aspect of your unit, cleaning, repairing or replacing any worn-out items. We make sure your air conditioner is working at its optimal performance by:

  • Cleaning condenser coil and cabinet
  • Inspecting and repairing loose connections on the condenser fan motor and blade, as well as the compressor
  • Cleaning the evaporator coil
  • Checking refrigerant charge for proper pressures and temperatures
  • Replacing air filter
  • Checking capacitor for proper rating
  • Inspecting the contactor for pitting, burnt marks and checked for proper voltage and amperage
  • Clearing and flushing condensate drains
  • Inspecting and testing safety drain switches
  • Inspecting programming of thermostat
  • Inspecting ductwork if accessible
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HVAC Maintenance Services in Ohio and West Virginia

Morrison, Inc. offers a variety of HVAC maintenance services in Ohio and West Virginia. In Ohio, we offer HVAC maintenance in Washington, Noble, Monroe, and Guernsey counties. West Virginia counties we serve include Wood, Pleasants, Ritchie, and Jackson.

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Maintain Home and Business Indoor Air Quality in WV and OH

The indoor air quality of your home or business is essential to your wellbeing. When you spend a great deal of time in a location, the air flow and quality are vital. Morrison, Inc. offers maintenance on indoor air quality. This may consist of something as easy as installing new air filters, testing for particulates and remedying the problem.

An excellent way to boost and ensure indoor air quality is with our duct cleaning service. Dry air problems may require installing a humidifier. Persons in close settings at home or the office may benefit from an air cleaner. Whatever your indoor air quality needs may be in West Virginia and Ohio, trust Morrison, Inc. to keep you breathing easier.

Be Prepared for Our Service Technicians

Whether it is a scheduled appointment or an emergency service, here are some tips to make your service go smoothly and quickly.

  • Be able to locate all of the units in your heating and cooling system.
  • Know what issues you experience with your HVAC systems, and how long it has been happening.
  • Clear any items blocking access to your systems.
  • For the safety of our technicians, please make sure pets are secured in a separate room.
  • Please make sure there is an adult available to legally allow us entry to your home.
  • We will call to confirm your appointment before dispatching to the home.
  • If you rent your home, please make sure we have your landlord’s permission to have your system serviced.
  • If your heat pump or evaporator coil is frozen, shut off your system before the technician arrives, so it is thawed for service.
  • Have information on prior services performed on your system available.
  • When service is finished, have payment ready.

Sign Up for the Morrison, Inc. Preferred Maintenance Program

Save time, energy and money by signing up for our Morrison Preferred Maintenance Program (MP²). You’ll receive both a fall heating check and a summer cooling check. There is no need to worry about scheduling as we will call you. During the inspections, we will check over every piece of equipment, flush the system, test for proper use, and replace filters. Getting these seasonal checks will extend the life of your system, lower your utility bills, and give you priority customer status. Priority customer status allows you to receive discounts from us. These include:

  • Reduced First Hour Overtime Rate
  • 10% Discount on Service Parts
  • 5% Discount on Equipment
  • 10% off Indoor Air Quality Services

Customers in Ohio and West Virginia can contact Morrison, Inc. to schedule maintenance for HVAC systems.