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If you’re like most, you probably don’t think of your heating and cooling in Mineral Wells, WV, most days. But then you discover the furnace has stopped working overnight for some reason. Your stress rises as the temperature in your home continues to drop. Has your office air conditioning broken down as the temperature soars in the summer? It is at either of these points that you should call the experienced HVAC experts at Morrison, Inc. You can trust the region’s best Bryant authorized dealer. Call us at (740) 837-4010 or toll free at (866) 395-2923 for our 24/7 emergency repairs, free estimates and financing.

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Morrison, Inc. strives to make sure that we return your home and business heating and cooling comfort as quickly as possible. We have quality HVAC products from Bryant, Rinnai, Generac, and Skuttle. Our technicians perform unmatched residential and commercial heating and cooling services. When your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner needs ongoing maintenance, we can provide that service. Whether you need a new air conditioner, heat pump, refrigeration, or more, you can trust our services, including:

We Can Install a Quality Heat Pump in Your Home

Morrison, Inc. can install a heat pump in your Mineral Wells, WV, home. A heat pump can act as a stand-alone heating and cooling system. If you are unfamiliar with heat pumps, most heat pumps are an efficient method of heating your home. The perfect temperature for heat pumps is above 25 degrees. Below 25, the performance levels fall, and your home may need supplemental heat. If we install a heat pump to work with a furnace, the furnace will provide the home’s heating needs once the temperature drops below 25. Our heating contractors will be happy to install a heat pump or furnace at your home or business.

Seek Our Help if Your Air Conditioner is Faltering

Is your air conditioner experiencing problems? Your AC might not have shut down, but it could be experiencing issues that could lead to a complete shutdown. Sometimes an increase in your utility bill could be a signal for potential AC problems. Maybe the air conditioning unit is making strange sounds during operation. This could be a sign of a future problem. Hot or warm spots in your Mineral Wells, WV, home or business could also mean air conditioning problems. When you experience any of these issues, you should call Morrison, Inc. for residential and commercial air conditioning. We will send a technician to check out the system and diagnose the problem. Contact our experts today for problems with heating and cooling in Mineral Wells, WV.

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